Student Thesis Supervision

The following are undergraduate student theses I have supervised as a first reader since 2011.

(** indicates winner of Best Thesis in Philosophy for that academic year)

Noah O. Abolafia-Rosenzweig: “Mary’s Dilemma: A Novel Take On Jackson’s Famous Thought Experiment” **

Ethan J. Bond: “A Ban on Performance - Enhancing Drugs? Harm, Nature of Sport and Dehumanization”

Josh Cohen: “Google Glass and Our Quest for Meaning”

Jasmine Cooper: “Reconsidering Well-Being: Optimization at the Societal Level”

Klaudia Dziewulski: “Cartesian Dualism and the Feminist Challenge”

Lorien Giles: “Fictional Emotions: Genuiness of Emotions in Fictions”

Jack Gleiberman, “Believing Fictions: A Philosophical Account of Fictional Engagement” **

Laura Hagen: “Genuine Alternatives and Predictability”

Matthew Hollander:  “The Moral Responsibility of Psychopathic Serial Killers: A Case Study in Dexter”

Jake Hudson-Humphrey: “Mystical Experience and Epistemic Injustice

Ishan Jawa:  “Dissecting the Grandfather Paradox”

Han (Joanne) Jia: “On ‘Thinking Outside the Box’"

Lauren M. Kelley: “Different Person? Nta Kibazo: An Analysis of Trauma and Personal Identity”

Mikayla O’Neal: “The Numerous Forms of Occam’s Razor and their Effect on Philosophy of Mind”

Janelle Shiozaki: “Transformative Experience: Are Real-world Experiences as Transformative as We Think?”

Christopher D. Tennenbaum: “Intentionality in Artificial Intelligence”